My dear friends, my name is Damian McLeish, a retired attorney from Victory Park parish. I would like today to discuss abortifacient birth control, the method most commonly used, which can destroy new human life, and is thus a form of chemical abortion.

As a result of the Papal encyclical, Humanae Vitae, most Catholics know that all forms of artificial birth control are forbidden by the Catholic Church. However, many Catholics are not aware of the vast and crucially important distinction between CONTRACEPTIVE birth control, which involves the use of contraceptives only which prevent new life being formed, and ABORTIFACIENT birth control, which involves the use of abortifacients, which destroy new life after its formation.

Contraceptives prevent the male sperm from fertilising the female egg. This fertilisation is known as ‘conception’, which, according to irrefutable scientific and medical evidence, results in the immediate commencement of the new human life. Contraceptives include sterilisation and also the so-called ‘barrier’ methods: the condom, the diaphragm, and the cervical cap; and the anti-sperm methods such as the sponge, jellies, foams and creams.

Abortifacients, however, actually cause early abortions, and to put it bluntly, all kill pre-born children. They prevent the continued existence in the womb of the fertilised egg, the new human life, and thereby cause little sons and daughters to die.

 Abortifacients include: the Pill, which has both contraceptive and abortifacient functions: the I.U.D, (intra-uterine device), an abortifacient only: Norplant, a series of capsules implanted under the skin, which has both contraceptive and abortifacient functions: Depo Provera, an injection received at three-monthly intervals, which also has both contraceptive and abortifacient functions: and the RU 486 drug, an abortifacient only, and aptly termed a ‘human pesticide’.

However, ‘THE PILL’, the collective term for all the birth control drugs, is probably the most insidious abortifacient as its users usually intend contraception only, and are unaware of its (unpredictable and undetectable) abortive potential, soon after (accidental) conception.

Thus, while contraceptives prevent the actual creation of the new human life in the womb, abortifacients in fact destroy this new life after its creation, and very few forms of artificial birth control are only contraceptive, and not also abortifacient in nature.

This brief summary does NOT attempt to justify contraceptive, as opposed to abortifacient birth control on the basis that the former is the lesser evil: it DOES, however try to illustrate, especially to those persons using abortifacients in ignorance of their tragic results, the extremely serious consequences of abortifacient birth control generally. Damian McLeish. March 2011

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