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Day of Judgment: Prayer for forgiveness of the world’s abortions.

Day of Judgment:
Prayer for forgiveness of the world’s abortions.

We recommend that the following prayer, based on the words of the hymn, the ‘Dies irae’, should be said continuously for all those involved in the practice of abortion.

Day of wrath! O day of mourning! See fulfilled the prophets’ warning,
Heaven and earth in ashes burning!

Oh, what fear man’s bosom rendeth, when from heaven the Judge descendeth,
on whose sentence all dependeth.

Wondrous sound the trumpet flingeth; through earth’s sepulchres it ringeth;
all before the throne it bringeth.

Death is struck, and nature quaking, all creation is awaking,
to its Judge an answer making.

Lo! the book, exactly worded, wherein all hath been recorded:
thence shall judgment be awarded.

When the Judge his seat attaineth, and each hidden deed arraigneth,
nothing unavenged remaineth.

What shall I, frail man, be pleading? Who for me be interceding,
when the just are mercy needing?

King of Majesty tremendous, who dost free salvation send us,
Fount of pity, then befriend us!

Think, good Jesu, my salvation caused thy wondrous Incarnation;
leave me not to reprobation!

Faint and weary, thou hast sought me, on the cross of suffering bought me.
shall such grace be vainly brought me?

Righteous Judge! for sin’s pollution grant thy gift of absolution,
ere the day of retribution.

Guilty, now I pour my moaning, all my shame with anguish owning;
spare, O God, thy suppliant groaning!

Thou the sinful woman savedst; thou the dying thief forgavest;
and to me a hope vouchsafest.

Worthless are my prayers and sighing, yet, good Lord, in grace complying,
rescue me from fires undying!

With thy favoured sheep O place me; nor among the goats abase me;
but to thy right hand upraise me.

While the wicked are confounded, doomed to flames of woe unbounded
call me with thy saints surrounded.

Low I kneel, with heart-submission, see, like ashes, my contrition;
help me in my last condition.

Ah! that day of tears and mourning! From the dust of earth returning
man for judgment must prepare him; Spare, O God, in mercy spare him!

Lord, all pitying, Jesu blest,
grant them Thine eternal rest. Amen.

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The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference on the 15th Anniversary of the legalisation of Abortion-on-Demand in South Africa.

Fifteen years have passed since abortion on demand was legalized in South Africa. Since then it is estimated that over one million unborn children were denied the most fundamental of rights, the right to life. We remember those one million babies. Those aborted fifteen years ago would now be in grade 9 or 10, bringing joy to their families and planning their own futures. Those whose lives were ‘terminated’ ten years ago would now be playing on the streets of our towns and villages in the evenings and singing and praying with us in our churches on Sunday. We regret that those children of God were denied the right to be born into God’s world and to enrich it with their own unique gifts and talents. We will never fully realize what we have missed because the law says “abortion is fine”.

When the legislation was being discussed those in favour of it said it would save some mothers from the dangers of what has become known as “back-street abortions”. We question if this has in fact been the case. On almost every electricity pole along the streets of our cities and towns there are advertisements for ‘safe and painless’ abortions. They are outside the Head Office of the Department of Health in Pretoria and on the boundary walls of our schools. If the advertising is so public and so widespread, then the demand for those” back-street abortions” must be high.

The position of the Catholic Church on abortion is clear and unambiguous .Just because the law says it is legal does not make it morally right. Each unborn child is created by God, “knit together in (its) mother’s womb” (Ps139.13) .That unborn child is a human being with a human life that must be protected. He or she has a right to life, a right that must be respected by the mother and protected by the state.

Another right that must be respected by the state and its agents is that of conscientious objection. Those who believe that abortion is morally wrong have a right to refuse to participate in the medical procedures.

All of us, parents, teachers, members of the Church, must understand what a young girl is going through when she realizes she is pregnant. She needs our love, our support, our understanding and sometimes our forgiveness. We in the Church are committed to helping unmarried pregnant girls and couples tempted to take the abortion route in whatever way we can. We will never condemn, just as Jesus refused to condemn (John8.11)

As we remember the many children who have been aborted since February 1997, we also remember the mothers of these children. Just as we do not condemn a pregnant young girl, we do not condemn her if she made the mistake of procuring an abortion. Only she knows how much she has suffered as a result. She needs help and healing. We invite her to come and speak to one of our priests or counselors so that we can be part of reconciling her to God and bringing about healing.

Archbishop Buti Tlhagale, OMI,

On behalf of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference 30th January 2012

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On Our Civic Responsibility for the Common Good

Article by Most Reverend Raymond L. Burke
Archdiocese of St. Louis

On Our Civic Responsibility for the Common Good

 See the letter by clicking here.

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My dear friends, my name is Damian McLeish, a retired attorney from Victory Park parish. I would like today to discuss abortifacient birth control, the method most commonly used, which can destroy new human life, and is thus a form of chemical abortion.

As a result of the Papal encyclical, Humanae Vitae, most Catholics know that all forms of artificial birth control are forbidden by the Catholic Church. However, many Catholics are not aware of the vast and crucially important distinction between CONTRACEPTIVE birth control, which involves the use of contraceptives only which prevent new life being formed, and ABORTIFACIENT birth control, which involves the use of abortifacients, which destroy new life after its formation.

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Pro-Lifer Wolfgang Hering in South Africa

We are delighted to announce that WOLFGANG HERING, founder of Euro Pro-Life, Director of the Life Centre in Munich, and leader of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants in Germany will be visiting South Africa in February 2011. Please see below for Wolfgang’s schedule. We have the opportunity to offer these talks by someone highly experienced, particularly in sidewalk counselling and post abortion counselling. Please come along and listen to this dynamic and engaging speaker on this vitally important issue.

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